I'm announcing my intention to take over as administrator of this wiki. It's been quiet for too long, the tulpa phenomenon has grown massively since this wiki was founded and yet it's pages have been left blank, as the number of mancers has grown so has our need for resources, I believe we can make this wiki a very useful companion to the presently available resources that exist for all tulpas and hosts.

I've started work but I'm holding back a little until my cohorts are ready to begin editing as well, I've made some suggestions on how I feel we should behave on the wiki:

They way I see it: the basic idea of the wiki will be to have a decent array of pages that describe techniques, phenomena and stages as they relate to the entire tulpa experience across seperate pages, as well as any guides users wish to post, helpful information etc. Then users may also create blogs here if they wish, or fill their user pages with helpful information. I also believe we should be capable of keeping documentation of the scientific progress made towards recognition and understanding of tulpas while trying to reduce speculation and heavy debate.

I'm always open to suggestions, ideas and feedback, I hope our new users will find the wiki helpful.